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Conditions of use



  1. Genaveh Internet site (hereinafter: “The Site”) is an Internet site which runs a virtual store for the purpose of purchasing chocolate and its products, by the surfers of the Israeli internet population.

  2. The owner of the site is A.R. chocolate import LTD. (hereinafter: “GENAVEH”).

  3. Participation and/or purchasing in the site, state that the surfer/user had read the conditions of use, understood its contents and rules and receives their implementation.Whether you do not agree with a content or regulation from these conditions of uses, please do not use this site and avoid and action within it.

  4. Please do not use this site for any other purposes but carring out orders and/or receiving services information about the company and its products.The site can be used for carrying out orders and for receiving services and/or information.  This site is not to be used for other purposes.

  5. The following conditions of use is written in masculine gender for convenience only, and refers to both genders equally.


Terms of use


  1. Eligible for using this site is every adult aged 18+, who possess a valid credit card from one of the active credit card companies in Israel, and has a personal e mail address in the internet network.

  2. Purchasing order will be approved once a confirmation is received from the purchaser’s credit card company, and only if the products ordered are in the store’s stock, and can be delivered according to the order.

  3. The address for supplying the delivery is in the distributions areas as listed the delivery policy section in this site.

  4. Genaveh holds the right to cancel purchase reservations, to block users due to: misuse, misappropriate use of these conditions of use, attempting to harm the site, or attempting to carry out illegal action.

  5. Without diminishing these conditions of use, the user of the site agrees as a basic condition for using this site, that in any case of damage caused to himself/ his representative/ third party, whether directly or indirectly, Genaveh and or any related entity will bear no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, consequential or unique caused to the user or third party, due to using or purchasing this site, Inclusive of loss or profit prevention, or aggravation. Without diminishing the written above, it’s clarified than in any case the amount of compensation will not excess the sum paid for the products/services actually. It is agreed and emphatic, that as long as no value was payed for any reason, Genaveh or any related entity will bear no legal liability.

  6. Dispute caused due to acts in this site, regarding commentary and enforcement of the regulations and conditions of use, between the purchaser/surfer/user and the company, will be clarified according to the Israeli laws in a certified law of justice in the Tel Aviv region only.

  7. Genaveh is entitled to cancel services or reduce them, and close the site according its needs.

  8. Genaveh is entitled to change the website conditions of use from time to time.


Ownership and rights


  1. All rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, trademarks (including “GENAVEH”), contents, pictures, graphics, music, video and sound, part of which are owned by the company and part of which are owned by third parties.  It’s prohibited to copy, change, advertise, market, sell or transfer materials from the sites or part of them.

  2. It is prohibited to upload to the site any type of information which violates copyrights or with defamation, or pornographic materials, or any other material that has other property rights.


Purchasing in the site


  1. Purchasing in this site is for personal use only, and nor for wholesale.

  2. The selling of products is by price for chocolate weight. The price of the chocolate diverse between different chocolate products (pralines, truffles. Chocolate delicacies, etc.). For terms of selling convenient, the sale in the site is by fixed and pre-selected weights, for the chocolate assortments which are offered. These prices are fixed and appear in the products description in the site.

  3. The user selects the products and the quantity he wishes to buy and puts them in the shopping cart according to the site instructions.

  4. For completing the purchasing order, the user needs to fill all requested details by the site. The order will be approved after checking the credit card validation with its company, and after sending a massage of confirmation to the user/ purchaser.

  5. In case the credit company will not approve the transaction, Genaveh will not be responsible for the business transaction.

  6. The shapes and colors of the products appears in the site are for presentation and demonstration only, and may have changes.

  7. The sale and delivery are to addresses in the state of Israel which appears in the delivery policy in this site.

  8. Each purchase has a delivery fee unless described other during the business transaction.

  9. All prices include V.A.T. as required by law.




  1. GENAVEH will supply the chocolate products which were purchased to the address that was typed during the purchasing order as the address for the delivery.

  2. The products can be collected at the company’s importer store without paying delivery fee, according to the opening hours of the store, and according to the instructions given during the purchasing in the site. The user will need to identify or give power of attorney in case of third party, and show the credit card the transaction was made with.

  3. GENAVEH will supply the chocolate products that were purchased according to the delivery policy appearing in this site, in the times and places detailed in the delivery policy.

  4. GENAVEH will have no liability for delay in supplying the products in cases of “force major”, and without diminishing the above, in times of war, terror actions, strikes, closure, emergencies, and natural disasters.

  5. The user/purchaser or his representative should be present at the time of the delivery reception, according to the times chosen by him. Delivery which will be returned to the store will have additional delivery fee to be paid by the user, in order send the order to its destination (or other selected destination) in the second time. The option to collect the goods from the store according to the opening hours is eligible as well.

  6. Due to the sensitive nature and characters of chocolate and its products, it’s impossible to cancel the business transaction or return products that were bought in the site.


 Privacy notice


  1. Filling personal information in the ordering form is by the userqpurchaser will and acceptance.

  2. In order to make a transaction the user needs to subscribe to the site by email address and private password. The user will give details needed to carry out the transaction, like full name, home address, delivery address, phone number, credit card number, identity number. GENAVEH is not responsible for any mistake made by the user during the typing of the details. GENAVEH will not be responsible for any case in which the details will not be registered in the system, or any other technical problem which prevents the order reservation

  3. Entering false details is a criminal offence. In case of a typographical error, the company reserve the right to cancel the order.

  4. It is clarified, that as long as the user will choose to join as a customer member of the site, and will choose to give his email address and/or phone number he agrees of receiving marketing materials and massages, that GENAVEH will send in the future regarding sale offers, and specials discounts for customers members, via SMS that will be send to his cellular phone, and to be included in the list of members of the site for receiving emails.

  5. It is known and agreed by the user that all details given by him during his site activity, and subscription, including information and data collected during his using and surfing the site, will be stored in GENAVEH data storage. The subscription for the site and using it are the acceptance of the user to the storage and the using of the data according to the law.

  6. When the use/purchaser is not interested in receiving massages for GENAVEH, he can choose not to enroll in the subscription list of the site, and the user/purchaser can choose to take off his details from the subscription list at any time in a way described in the site and/or email massage, and/or SMS, according to the issue.

  7. GENAVEH website uses cookies to collect information.  Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other mobile or handheld device (such as smart ‘phones or ‘tablets’) as you browse this website.  They are used to ‘remember’ when your computer or device accesses this website.) It is clarified that “cookies” do not include any identical information about the user, and the user can choose to not to store the information of the “cookies” in the browser he uses.

  8. GENAVEH uses us Internet standard encryption technology ("SSL" or "Secure Socket Layer" technology) to encode personal data that you send to us when placing an order through the Website. The site uses the “PCI SSC” (a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards). nevertheless, GENAVEH will bear no liability un any case for direct or indirect damage, which will be caused to  the or third party on his behalf, due to damage in data or unauthorized usage of it, including cases which are not in the control of GENAVEH and/or caused by “force major”,



























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Products of the month - Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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